Apple fined $27 million for slowing down iPhones by French regulator

Apple has been known to face a lot of controversies since it accepted that it deliberately slows down its older phones, but this is undoubtedly one of the biggest ones out there.

Just this Friday, a technology regulator in France said that since Apple did not tell its customers and users about the slowing down on the box of the device, the regulator would fine Apple $27 million.

This regulator, French Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs, and Fraud Prevention has done its research well as it has shown that iPhone owners were not told beforehand that the updates that they were downloading, had a secondary purpose other than improving the software – to slow the device down. They have published documents which validate this.

While Apple had revealed this way back in 2017, they are still facing issues. Apple has also said that is has resolved all the problems that the regulator had and also agreed to pay a fine of $27 million.

This is not all as the DGCCRF said that in the agreement, Apple would have to inform everyone about this for a month on the French website of the multi-billion tech company.

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