Gene editing might fight cancer one day as first human trials are complete

In the first of its clinical trials, CRISPR helped in safely editing the genomes of three cancer patients in the U.S. Scientists safely edited the immune system genetically of three cancer patients using the revolutionary technique. The research was regarding genetically edited immune system that can possibly aid in fighting cancer. Researchers removed genes from the typical T-cells that help fight cancer. Instead, they combined genes from a virus that positively attacks the tumor cells with the T-cell.

The main reason behind this technique was to make the T-cell more powerful. But the results do not give clear proof that CRISPR helps fight cancer. Furthermore, one of the patients has died and two more are getting critical day by day. Future research may help us find better ways to improve the technique in such a way that helps to treat cancer. But for now, we know that the current technique is safe to use but needs alterations.

The future of CRISPR

Various biomedical techniques to treat various conditions that do not have proper medication/probably incurable are already on research trials. So these techniques have an important role to play as it might be the only way to cure such diseases in the near future. It is already evident from the fact that CRISPR is one such potential technique to treat diseases. It is one of the widely sought after biomedical tools to treat various conditions including AIDS, cancer, etc.

Altering the genome of an individual to treat various life-threatening conditions may seem like a possible reality. But we are yet to know the boundaries of safety in this radical, new technique. In addition, there are also limits to ethical considerations within which this field of research is restricted. With more research and innovations, we might have a possible future in which we cure diseases at the molecular level.

Source: Sciencealert

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