World’s largest fireworks at winter festival in Colorado

The winter festival was celebrated in style by breaking a world record for the largest fireworks that lit up the skies. The aerial fireworks that have now entered the Guinness World Records weighed 1,270 kg with a length of 5 meters.

Many attempts by steamboat manager (Tim Borden) that lead to too many failures were finally brought to life with fireworks that light sky crimson red.

Many attempts were done last year as well without success as the fireworks exploded without launching. Improvements on the shell, lift motor, right explosives, and tube (over 20 feet deep), finally saw the fireworks lift off with a speed of 480km/hour to a height of 2,200 feet before the shell exploded.

In a press release by Tim Borden, he highlighted the hours spent into the successful project that will be the talk of the months to come.

The grand event was a commemoration of the finale “Night Extravaganza on Howelsen Hill,” which later on led to a steamboat fireworks certificate given after a successful display. Guinness World Records representatives saw the record-broken last year in UAE with a 1,087 kg fireworks in Al Margan Island. But this year was different in the city of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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