iPhone 12 notch-less design shown in Apple Store website product listing

As first noted by Ben Geskin, Apple might have allowed a slight slip-up that shows a notch-less iPhone on its website. On the Apple Store website, an Incase ICON Lite Backpack II item image depicts an iPad and an iPhone – with no notch.

iPhone 12 2020 no notch
A closer look at the item image. | Apple Store

The radical new design has been rumored for some time now, but the rumors haven’t been consistent. There were reports that the 2020 iPhone will have a notch, but the iPhone 2021 will get rid of it completely (including the charging port). The image shown on the Apple Store App doesn’t mean that Apple messed up. It is likely that Incase, the company that makes the backpack, might have messed up with the rendering of their product image.

It is also rumored that the 2021 iPhones will have a boxed-off design, similar to the iPhone 4 or iPad Pro. It was expected that the new body shape will take form with the notch-less design. The image from Incase’s product listing depicts a notch-less iPhone with a seemingly rounded body. It is unclear due to the case that has been rendered on the device.

iPhone 2020 with no notch and squared-off design
iPhone 2020 with no notch and boxed-off design. | Concept by @appleleaker2020

Anyway, the design looks amazing. No notch means a full, uninterrupted display, perfect for watching movies and streaming Netflix. We know that Apple will eventually release a notch-less iPhone, and the plan is to eliminate it by moving the Face ID technology to the bezel above the display. The camera might also move to the bezel, or could be hidden underneath the display. The latter is less likely as technology hasn’t developed to that point yet – probably won’t be even next year.

Even though the image is probably a mistake by Incase, as Apple is too careful to allow a leak like this, it is still pretty interesting to see it on the Apple store!

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