Bill Gates shared his Porsche Taycan experience

Marques Brownlee, a renowned tech YouTuber, recently interviewed one of the richest men in the world. The collaboration of Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) with Bill Gates was built upon the discussion on the annual letter of 2020 – “Swinging For The Fences.” Both discussed various things, including climate change, social topics, etc. Bill Gates also shared his experience with electric cars and pointed some of the flaws present in EVs today.

The Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has recently purchased the Porsche Taycan electric sports car. He shared his experience and views about the same in the conversation to MKBHD. Bill Gates promotes social awareness about climate change and has a dedicated organization for the same. He told Marques that Taycan is fun to drive and can do what a combustion engine vehicle can. Many big companies like Tesla and other newcomers are working on electric technologies, but still, there are some flaws need to be fixed.

Bill Gates along with MKBHD

Problems with Electric Vehicles

First of all, the range of electric vehicles should increase. Secondly, Bill pointed out the problem of the long charging time of lithium-ion batteries. It takes almost an hour to charge a full battery, and then also it goes up to only 300 miles approximately on working conditions. Bill Gates compared the charging of the cells with the fueling of combustion vehicles. It takes a few seconds to fill the tank, and the energy we get burning the fuel is more than what we get from batteries of the same refueling/charging time.

Pros of an EV

Electric vehicles are one of the greatest revolutions of all time in the automobile industry. It is a big step towards a sustainable future. Producing energy from a source without combustion is a great deed. EVs require less maintenance, and there the cost of electricity is cheaper than gasoline. Although there are many benefits of an EV, still many people are unable to afford it because of the premium prices. As Bill Gates notes, insurance for an EV is also higher as compared to gasoline vehicles.

Swinging for the Fences

Apart from the electric vehicles, Marques Brownlee and Bill Gated discussed climate change, the education system, health care, and vaccines. Bill also shared how he had been promoting vaccines over the years and his plans for contributing to patients suffering from the coronavirus. Regarding the education system, Bill mentioned that although a little bit of the curriculum is improved, there is much more to come. Much of the system still needs change, and the way youth is molded for its future must be taken care of.

Source: Dexerto, Techspot

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