Woman overdosed with 550 times the usual dosage of LSD and is still safe

Drug intoxications can be life-threatening and in most cases it is fatal. But astonishingly, a 46-year woman took 550 times the usual recreational dose of LSD (Lysergic acid Diethylamide) and survived. Additionally, she also found that her chronic foot pain that has been existing for the past 20 years also drastically reduced.

In another incident, a 15-year old girl took 10 times the dose of LSD and found that her bipolar condition shows massive improvement. While these stories reveal mindblowing incidents, it tells us that these psychedelic substances have something hid in them. These incidents could provoke further research on the interaction of these drugs in our bodies. However, no clinical trials can experiment with much higher doses as these can be fatal. Also, such experimentation in natural settings will help us study clearly the overdosing effects of the drug. “These stories prove us that drugs at excessive doses can do some good and don’t endure any harm”, added one of the scientists. Scientists also warn about experimenting with these diseases as they are illegal in most countries.

The miracle

The 49-year old contracted Lyme’s in her early 20s that affected her knees and ankles so left in chronic pain for several years. Since then, she was taking Morphine medication to reduce her pain. But on a fine day, she took 55 milligrams of pure LSD which was mistaken as cocaine. However, the normal recreational dose of the drug is only 0.1 grams. This 550 time higher dose blacked her out initially, with vomiting for 12 hours. but for the next 12 hours, she was pleasantly high. After this, her foot pain completely disappeared for five days.

Although, it reappeared she was able to manage it with lower doses of Morphine and microdoses of LSD. Now, three years later in 2018 she completely halted the use of both Morphine and LSD with no withdrawal symptoms. This reveals to us that Higher doses not only helped her to get rid of her pain but also masked the withdrawal effect of Morphine.

In another case, the 15-year old girl back in 2000 took 15 times more the dose of LSD when the liquid supplier made an error in calculation. She was already diagnosed with Bipolar with hallucinations haunting her since 12 years of age. For the next, 6.5 hours she was erratic and underwent symptoms of seizures which lead her to the hospital. The next day morning she told her father that her bipolar experiences are gone and she is completely normal.

The Psychedelic Renaissance

Psychedelic drugs were used until the late 50s to study its effects in psychiatry. It was the period in the late 60s that these drugs were banned that led to a fall in the understanding of these drugs. Now with these proven effects on people, it is high time scientist may turn their heads towards these drugs to understand and treat psychotic disorders like PTSD, fears, anxiety, etc. which make people fall under depression. With further research about interaction and positive effects, these drugs can definitely help successfully treat psychotic disorders.

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Source: CNN

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