Friday, August 14, 2020

Apple is working on a workout app called ‘Seymour’

Apple has began working on a workout app they have dubbed ‘Seymour’. An elite fitness trainer named Jay Blahnik is in charge of it on the inside according to sources. The app is reported to be launching on iOS 14. It’s also being reported to be on the new versions of Apple Watches to come. Apple hasn’t made any announcements about the new app and declined to make any comments.

Seymour was created to provide guidance on multiple workout scenarios. Thus, the app is connected to both your Apple Watch and the iPhone. Some activities this app provides for its users is strength, cardio, and even yoga. The target audience for the app is for people who don’t know how to work out or for those away from the gym.

Since the Apple Watch was introduced in 2015, fitness has always been a major feature. Tracking both heart rate and steps, it shows how much Apple wants to provide a healthy lifestyle to its user base. With this new app, they are hoping to encourage people to live a more healthy lifestyle. This app also helps people to learn how to workout with a sort of digital trainer at their fingertips. This will bring Apple closer to large companies like Peloton without users having to pay the subscription fee to use it.

In conclusion

This new app looks like a huge step in the right direction. Being able to workout via an Apple-owned app and not pay the subscription fee is a positive lookout. I for one look forward to this because then I won’t have to use the premium subscription for the Nike Training Club. I’m not saying NTC’s app is bad, but it can be expensive.

I definitely am waiting and hoping for the best with this new app. What do you all think? Comment your thoughts below!

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