Friday, August 14, 2020

Twitter client Grizzly gives the ability to edit tweets, sort of

Brizzly, a Twitter client that was first launched back in 2009, is now back. It has a new goal for its user base, and that is to serve the needs of them. They are launching a subscription service that will cost $6 per month or $60 annually. This subscription will give the users power over non-native tools like undo and auto-deleting.

The undo button gives users a delay option that can be set for 10 seconds to 10 minutes. They can also choose no delay if they wanted. This gives them access to the tweet to delete it and redo them if they need to make a correction. On the other hand, the auto-delete feature will allow users to choose between 24 hours, one week, or even one month and have their tweet deleted.

Another feature that will be introduced in the subscription is something called fave to save. This lets users set their tweets to a certain likes threshold and if the tweet is able to make the goal, it’s saved from deletion. Auto-deletion seemed to be a favorite feature among other third-party services and something that Twitter doesn’t natively support. Many users of Twitter have been asking for an edit feature where CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that it “probably” won’t ever happen. Thus it brings Mr. Dorsey to say having such a feature would defeat the original purpose of the social engine.

In conclusion

I feel that Brizzly is going in the right direction but could still use a lot of work. Twitter on the other hand definitely could use a move towards the modern way, adding an edit button. Even if Twitter’s CEO says it’ll probably never happen, the wish of its user base is in huge support of having an edit feature.

It’s my hope that one day Twitter will make that much asked for change. I hope I’m still around when it happens though. What do you all think, should Twitter just give us an edit button? Comment below your thoughts!

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