Coronaviruses also exist in dogs, cats, bats, and whales

The spread of COVID-19 is shaking the globe and it has lead to a global shutdown. With slowing down the entire globe, the virus has clearly won over human beings. However, we humans are not the only ones getting affected – our canine companions get affected too. Recently, a 17-year-old pomeranian was affected by the virus and was quarantined for a week and released later. The dog was weak positive last month but the recent tests on March 12 and March 13 came out negative. But sadly on March 16, the dog passed away, as reported by the Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFCD). Reportedly, the owner turned down the option of conducting necropsy. Also, the owner of the dog was in the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19 last month. After testing negative on March 8, she was discharged.

As of now, this dog is the only canine companion animal affected by the virus. In addition, the WHO stated that there is no evidence that dogs can transmit the virus to humans. However, a number of dogs were kept in quarantine earlier this month by authorities in Hong Kong to check its spread, and authorities will continue to monitor pets all over the country.

Animals and the coronavirus

We know that coronaviruses were responsible for SARS, MERS, and SARS CoV-2 outbreaks. but one should also note the fact that humans are not the only species that get affected by these monsters. Animals have their own coronaviruses from which they suffer – the closest sufferer being the dogs and cats. The Feline coronavirus is dominant, affecting cats worldwide with Feline Infectious Peritonitis and Feline Enteric Coronavirus, causing gastroenteritis.

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It should be noted the same Alphacoronavirus takes different forms. In dogs, a similar form of Canine coronavirus is responsible for causing mild gastroenteritis. However, vaccines are available to tackle these diseases in animals. Additionally, coronaviruses affect the domestic poultry causing Infectious Bronchitis which causes a wide range of mortality in a flock. Such mortality can also be prevented using vaccines. Other than that, the coronavirus is also present in bats, by which the present COVID-19 came to light. Even whales have their own coronavirus called the Beluga Whale coronavirus.

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