Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Apex AP-0: A sportier EV from a new company

The automotive industry is a very dynamic field, and all other branches are trying to take benefit from it. The electric vehicle industry is proliferating in this century. The old and established manufacturers are slowly and gradually shifting from combustion engines to all-electric, zero-emission vehicles. Also, many upcoming brands are coming up and investing in EV technology. Apex is one of the emerging automotive manufacturers, which stepped into the race of electric vehicles. The Apex AP-0 is the latest electric concept from the newly established brand.

Apex is a British company, and gradually making its name in the global world. The AP-0 concept was put in front of the world last week and has received a very positive response. The company focused on every aspect, starting from the body design, weight to the world-class looks. The detailing is so much intact that it feels its an art, not an electric machine.

Specifications of the AP-0

Talking of the specifications, the Apex AP-0 is made up of carbon fiber till core, hence it only weighs 1200 kgs. The light curb weight of the EV enhances the aerodynamics of the car, making it sportier and powerful. The 90kWh battery pack sits on the floor and capable of producing a massive 650 bhp and a tremendous amount of torque. The company claims 0-60mph in under 2.5 seconds, although the actual range will be calculated after running AP-0 on the roads – it can go up to 320 miles (~500 km) approximately.

The exterior of the EV is as sportier as its specifications. The primary wing doors add up to the aerodynamic exterior. The F1 inspires the looks and detailing of the Apex AP-0. Since the Apex AP-0 is fully electric, so fast charging is much appreciated. Hence the company has kept every requirement of the customer in mind and claims an 80% battery charge in just 15 minutes.

Price of Apex AP-0

Although what is revealed now is just a concept, the company said that it could go under production in 2022. With such powerful looks and specifications, the expected price may go beyond one crore.

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Source: Motor1, New Atlas

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