Who opened this burial chamber, and who stole the mummy?

Three years ago, specifically in 2017, near the Pyramid of Sinfru in the Dahshur region, 15 kilometers south of Cairo, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities discovered another pyramid built 3,700 years ago. The ministry said at the time that the discovered part of the pyramid was in good condition and that the expedition would complete excavations at the site during the coming period in an attempt to uncover the rest of its parts.

The discovered pyramid dates back to the thirteenth pharaonic family (1802-1640 BC) and was found in the cemetery of Dahshur near the pyramid of King Senefru, the Curved, founder of the Fourth Pharaonic family (2600 BC) and the father of Pharaoh Khufu who built the largest pyramids of Giza. Over the past three years, archaeologists have continued to excavate the area. After working to clean the sand carefully, they discovered a path that led them down the pyramid, where they found a closed room, and they thought it was the tomb of the pyramid’s owner.

But the strange thing is that although the burial chamber was found in a closed manner, the scientists did not reach the mummy of the owner of the pyramid in the burial chamber, and this raised questions about who took the mummy and how did this happen? In spite of this, the scientists, despite the empty tomb found, they still hope to get the mummy to find out who was buried here, and who stole the mummy. Is their hope fulfilled?

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