WHO takes back warning against use of ibuprofen on COVID-19 patients

The coronavirus pandemic is shaking mankind at its roots. With a clear slowdown of the entire globe, it’s high time we need to rise up against this monster. Medications are important in this period to tackle the situation. However, there is an ongoing controversy about using an anti-inflammatory drug called ibuprofen. After recommending not to use the drug earlier this week, the WHO reverted back its advice on this controversial topic. The WHO added that after a rapid review of the literature it does not have any data on this topic. It further said that it is consulting physicians treating COVID-19 and not aware of any of the negative effects of ibuprofen currently.

The dilemma

It all started when the French health minister warned the use of the drug based on a study. The study published in the journal The Lancet hypothesized that ibuprofen boosts certain enzymes that could lead to fatal reactions and worsen SARS-CoV-2.

This is because we all know the fact that COVID-19 enters the body by binding to ACE-2. It is seen that drugs like thiazolidinediones and ibuprofen increase ACE-2 levels in the body. The researchers also provided a hypothesis saying that treating conditions like diabetes and hypertension with ACE-2 inhibitors can elevate the reaction of COVID-19 in the body. But researchers from the University of Basel stated that there are conclusive findings to prove such a hypothesis. They further added that the drug has certain negative impacts but not any adverse effects. After this, the WHO initially told that they need to give further guidance and refrained people from using ibuprofen as self-medication. Rather, the organization recommended paracetamol to treat initial inflammation. But now WHO has taken back this statement.

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Source: ScienceAlert

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