Study finds that digestive symptoms dominate in half of COVID-19 cases

Diarrhea and other forms of digestive disturbance remain a prominent complaint in half of the coronavirus patients a study reports. Although respiratory symptoms are predominant in most of the patients, the early stages of disease show digestive disturbances in people affected with COVID-19. Researchers report that clinicians must take caution in assessing patients with digestive disturbances as an index of suspicion. Clinicians should not wait until the patients exhibit respiratory symptoms that occur at a later stage rather than having an early diagnosis.

The study

Scientists analyzed data from 55 patients who were admitted between January 18 and February 28. The facts revealed that patients with digestive disturbances took longer to get hospital admission than other than people. The average for persons with digestive disorder was nine days, whereas the other person average was 7.3 days. This tells us that persons with digestive problems sought hospital care later as they were waiting for their respiratory symptoms to occur. The most common digestive disturbances include inappetence, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. It is also seen that digestive symptoms worsened with an increase in the severity of the disease. Additionally, it was found that persons without digestive symptoms had higher chances of getting cured than those with digestive symptoms.

Therefore, it is essential for clinicians to monitor patients with digestive symptoms in order to favor an early diagnosis or else they would miss them and wait till the respiratory symptoms to occur. This will help save more lives as it is seen that the survival rate of patients with digestive symptoms is very minimal. Such early diagnosis will also let clinicians in an early quarantine that could curb the spread of the disease. One should also note the fact that the coronavirus in dogs and cats exhibit similar digestive disturbances as prominent signs of the disease.

Source: CBS

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