Google launches a COVID-19 search portal with safety tips

Google stated that the coronavirus has become the largest search topic this year. In an attempt to continue their efforts to build up awareness in the best way possible, they launched an information portal. This portal is purely dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic. It will also improve the search experience for both mobile and desktop users.

This search experience was created in light of the user’s info needing to be expanded. This portal also provides the most basic and useful information about the virus. It also includes many links for people to further research this sickness. Something that has been noticeably absent on this page is a forum where people can discuss the issue. However, Google has never been very successful in the social media platform, and this website highlights that fact. This also helps it steer away from the fact of the forums being undermanaged.

This new search experience included multiple links to authoritative information. Along with the basic search results of the virus. The links mentioned above go to health authorities and give updated visuals of the situation. This experience also includes links to Twitter carousel accounts. These accounts are from civic organizations local to wherever you are. The new most common question section of the page links to the World Health Organization and The CDC.

This new search engine will be moving out to the United States in English first. This will be followed by more languages and regions later on. Meanwhile, this portal features tips on staying healthy during this crisis. This is a very important move for Google to conduct. This portal can help spread truthful information versus the misinformation that is out there.

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