Gumpert Nathalie: First supercar powered by methanol fuel cells

There were many speculations about the methanol and hydrogen fuel cells in the market. Some theories proved that electric powertrain is responsible for chemical waste, which also leads to environmental pollution. Hence researchers were trying their best to find the alternatives for the electrical battery. Methanol fuel cells can replace or used with the batteries to help electric powertrain generate power. Gumpert Aiways Automobile has revealed the first-ever methanol fuel cell-powered supercar.

Why methanol fuel cells

Gumpert Nathalie, as called by Roland Gumpert, founder of Apollo Automobile, once issued the concept of this supercar and now has been able to bring it till productions. The idea behind the fuel cell-powered automobile is that charging of fuel cells take very less time as compared to that of an electric vehicle. Also, tuning fuel cell with the electric powertrain will ensure that the car is always on the move.

Under the skin of Nathalie

Now let us take a look at the specifications of the Gumpert Nathalie supercar. The combination of methanol fuel cells and electric powertrain is sufficient to generate more than 500kWh of power and a tremendous amount of torque. The company claims a range of 510 miles (~800 km) in one single charge. Also, the 65-liter methanol fuel cell tank can be refilled in just three minutes. Since Nathalie is a supercar, speed is the utmost criteria for the company. Hence, Gumpert ensures the vehicle to be fast. Thus 0-60mph is managed under 2.5 seconds.

Nathalie needs a heavy pocket

As far as the deliveries are concerned, the company earlier marked 2021 to start with their deliveries. But after the COVID-19 epidemic, the Automobile industry is severely hit, and nothing can be confirmed yet. The price of all new Nathalie is somewhere in the range of $450,000. It is costly, but for a limited edition environment-friendly supercar that is only limited to 500 models, it is somewhat justified. Now we need to wait and watch in what way other Automobile companies, including big names like Tesla, will react to this unique vehicle.

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Source: New Atlas

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