OnePlus looking for beta testers for new instant translation feature

OnePlus has been working on updates non-stop so far this month, at least the devices that are part of their beta program. The OnePlus 7 and 7T Pro were set up on their very first beta updates last week. During the phone’s first launch back in October, OnePlus stated they were working on an instant translation feature. This feature would translate audio into the user’s native tongue. Three languages are available for this feature – English, French, German, Hindi, and Chinese.

The update to the open beta contained a few bug fixes. This also includes a March patch in mobile security. If you have the above-mentioned device, OnePlus is looking for beta testers. They want to be able to get whatever feedback they can get for the new feature. This translation feature includes real-time subtitles to read during a video call in WhatsApp and Messenger.

I think this is a neat feature. What do you all think? Having the ability to translate what someone is saying into your language is a huge step forward. Maybe the next step will be universal communicators like in Star Trek. What do you all think? Let us know via the comments section down below!

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