BMW makes fuel cell vehicle with the help of Toyota

In today’s generation, many automobile manufacturers are running towards electric vehicles. Not many have switched to EVs, but still are trying for it. But it looks like some companies, including BMW, Toyota, and other upcoming companies like Gumpert Aiways, are looking for alternatives to the electric powertrain. It is proved that the usage of hydrogen and methanol Fuel cells are beneficial in many ways. While Gumpert is busy in bringing the first-ever production car based on methanol cells, BMW, with the help of Toyota, confirmed the next-gen BMW X5 based on hydrogen fuel cells.

BMW and Toyota reveal in 2019

BMW first revealed the idea of fuel cells powered BMW X5 in Frankfurt Motor Show 2019. The company confirmed that initially, there would be limited units produced, which could be tested in real conditions. If all goes well, and if consumers wholeheartedly accept the new mode of power generation, then BMW will manufacture it in a large number.

Fuel cells powered BMW

When it comes to specifications of this next-gen hydrogen fuel cell BMW, there is much too offer from the powertrain. Two 700 bar pressurized hydrogen tanks with a capacity of 6 kg each help in generation of approximately 170hp. Hence, it adds up to around 374hp for the whole powertrain. The approximate range is about 700 km. The best part of hydrogen fuel cells is that they take only 2-3 minutes to recharge. Hence, the two large tanks will take the same amount of time as any gasoline-powered car.

What BMW management team wants to say

BMW board member Klaus Fröhlich quoted that the company aims to keep the consumer’s demand on top. In the future, multiple alternatives for any powertrain must exist to address the mobility requirement of any customer. The automakers are confident in adding hydrogen fuel cell technology in the list of their powertrains. There is a long way to go, but the use of fuel cells will help the companies to explore the alternative sides of power generation.

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Source: Newatlas, Motor1

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