Joe Exotic ‘Tiger King’ transferred to prison medical center after COVID-19 isolation

Joe Allen Maldonado-Passage (Joe Exotic), star of the Netflix limited series Tiger King, has been transferred to a prison medical center from coronavirus isolation. Prison records, as of Thursday, show that Joe Exotic is currently at the Texas’s “Federal Bureau of Prisons-operated” Federal Medical Center Forth Worth, according to New York Post.

24-year-old Dillon Passage, Joe Exotic’s fourth husband, said on Andy Cohen Live that Joe was previously isolated at the Grady County Jail in Chickasha, Oklahoma due to coronavirus concerns. The prison is an hour’s drive from the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, Joe’s popularized former zoo from the series.

Joe Exotic Dillon Passage
Joe Exotic and his fourth husband Dillon Passage. | Image: Netflix

The hit series took Netflix by storm, quickly moving up to the No. 1 position of Netflix’s popular section in the United States. The series follows big cat lover Joe Exotic and his feud against his enemy Carole Baskin. The story is uniquely exciting, with murder accusations, polygamy, drugs, and illegal wild trade, all taking place in southern states. The series finally ends with Joe being found guilty to five charges of violating the Endangered Species Act, and one federal charge for a rather interesting murder-for-hire scheme.

Joe Exotic, recently, announced a lawsuit on his Facebook page, seeking $94 million from the US Fish and Wildlife Service (the federal agency that took him down). Joe writes in his post, “This lawsuit has been filed in the name of Justice, The Trump Administration must be made aware of the Overreach, perjury, abuse of power and the failure to uphold the Oath of their position which is truth and Justice for all.”

Joe Exotic has also called for a pardon from President Trump.

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