Half-mile drug tunnel uncovered in San Diego, with 5 types of drugs

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) set out on an operation to discover 4,400 pounds of drugs in a “sophisticated” crawlway from the border city between South California and Mexico. Illegal drug trafficking was routed from Tijuana to San Diego and further into the United States. The tunnel was half-mile long and was at a depth of 31 feet below the Earth. It was equipped with lighting, ventilation, and other amenities.

Inside the tunnel, equipped with reinforced walls and lighting. | Image: NBC News

The drugs on display are 1,300 pounds of cocaine, 86 pounds of methamphetamine, 17 pounds of heroin, 3,000 pounds of marijuana, and more than two pounds of fentanyl, all who are banned in the United States. These drugs put together has a monetary value of $29.6 million.

San Diego Tunnel Task Force runs all operations related to drug peddling and underground excavations and border control. The raid took place last month on March 19, and it nearly took a week to unearth the illegal narcotics. Meanwhile, an indefinite amount was pulled out by the smugglers on the other end of the tunnel, situated in Mexico. “These tunnels show the determination of drug trafficking organizations to subvert our border controls and smuggle deadly drugs into our community,” DEA Agent John W. Callery stated.

“I hope this sends a clear message that despite the ongoing public health crisis, HSI and our law enforcement partners will remain resilient and continue to pursue criminal organizations responsible for the cross-border smuggling of narcotics into the United States.”

Cardell T. Morant, Homeland Security

Investigations are underway, and no arrests produce been made yet.

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Source: nbcnews

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