All-new Tesla launch mode update leaks before the official reveal

Tesla is the only company capable of improving the performance of any of its models with the help of a software update. A renowned hacker, “Green,” has tweeted recently about the upcoming launch mode update in the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Tesla is known to provide the best experience to its users in terms of performance, especially by providing customers with the best possible performance updates frequently.

The new launch mode update will be available for two of the Tesla models. The company will soon roll out the all-new update of the launch mode to improve the initial acceleration and active suspension of the Tesla models. After the activation of launch mode, direct control is transferred to the computer. The system then takes care of the acceleration from a standstill and traction control of the vehicle.

What is the cheetah stance (launch mode update)?

In the all-new update, traction control at the time of acceleration from the standpoint is going to get better. Also, the company is trying to alter the front axle. When the driver activates the launch mode, the front portion of the car or the front axle is going to bend. It seems the Tesla is taking a stance like a cheetah; hence the green hacker called this update as a “Cheetah Stance.”

The new launch mode update is going to enhance the performance as well as the traction control of the vehicle. The lowering of the front axle will help in aerodynamics and will lead to a decrease in drag force. The new update will take action with the “Smart Adaptive Air Suspension.'” This technology was brought in last year and has successfully solved the cushioning and damping problems of the drivers.

Official reveal of the launch mode update

Until now, the launch mode update is under testing. The company wants to ensure that the adaptive air suspension and direct launch mode activation is enhancing the damping and acceleration or not. It is also possible that due to coronavirus outbreak Tesla may postpone the update to a few months.

Source: Teslarati, Electrek

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