President Trump on Joe Exotic ‘Tiger King’ pardon, “I’ll take a look”

President Trump responded jokingly to a reporter’s questions during Wednesday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing when asked about Joe Exotic’s request for a presidential pardon. Joe Exotic, now serving a 22-year prison sentence for a murder-for-hire scheme, is the start of the popular Netflix limited series Tiger King. The very unique show follows the story of former zoo owner Joe Exotic, and how he ultimately landed himself in jail.

A reporter asked President Trump, “He’s asking you for a pardon, saying he was unfairly convicted. Your son yesterday jokingly said that he was going to advocate for it. I was wondering if you had seen the show and if you had any thoughts on pardoning Joe Exotic.” President Trump replied, “Which son? It must be Don. I had a feeling it was Don. Is that what he said?”

After asking what Joe Exotic did to land himself in jail, Trump asked the reporter, “Do you think he didn’t do it? Are you on his side? Are you recommending a pardon? As a reporter, you’re not allowed to do that.” The reporter also jokingly replied, “I’m not advocating anything.”

I’ll take a look.

President Trump said jokingly during Wednesday’s coronavirus task force briefing

Donald Trump Jr. jokingly commented on the show Tiger King Monday, during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts radio show. After saying he watched the show in only two sittings, Trump Jr. later said that he didn’t even know what he was found guilty for. He also said jokingly that he would advocate for a presidential pardon for Joe Exotic.

After asked by Roberts if he could ask President Trump for a pardon for Joe, Trump Jr. said, “Maybe not right now, but I can generally be for this just for the meme. And just for frankly watching the media reaction to this thing. It would be pretty amazing to ultimately see that.

Joe Allen Maldonado-Passage (Joe Exotic), star of the Netflix limited series Tiger King, was recently transferred to a prison medical center from coronavirus isolation. As of Thursday, prison records show that Joe Exotic is currently at the Texas’s “Federal Bureau of Prisons-operated” Federal Medical Center Forth Worth.

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