Friday, August 14, 2020

The Neanderthals were smarter than we thought, new study reveals

Apparently they could knit and were super crafty, according to a new study.

We need not know entirely what Neanderthals had been their whole lifetime, but a recent study shows that they could have been super crafty. It reveals they were the earliest to make yarn from wild plants. Reportedly, these yarn traces are said to be 41,000 to 52,000 old. These have been in Europe where Neanderthals were ruling those grounds back that time. The microscopic study revealed that the yarn was about six millimeters in length with three twisted fiber to make a bundle.

This artifact is fascinating because it is very rare to see such a finding. This is due to the fact these findings have a shorter life span and degrade over time as they are made from plants. But this is not the same case with bones, clay pots, etc., which takes a long time to degrade – or do not degrade at all.

Experts say this may look simple, but it is a significant finding that would let us know more about Neanderthals. To break it, Neanderthals were synonymously compared to stupidity. This is not until we discovered a lot of fascinating facts about them. From cooking to taking care of sick children, they seem to have behaved just like human beings. And now we know they can knit, which would then be used for various purposes. To make fiber so durable and strong, one should know to twist and turn it in a specific way. Such a method requires great cognitive abilities. Therefore, studies like this reveal how much brain function would Neanderthals had in their days.

Also, we have been long thought that Neanderthals were inferior to modern human beings. However, scientists are not sure to whom those yarn belonged to, as humans were also dwelling around Europe at the same time. We should acknowledge the fact that Neanderthal is more complicated than we thin, and they could have done more with their lives than we know. Who knows, one day we may come to know fascinating things that we may not even believe.

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Source: Popular science

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