Friday, August 14, 2020

Quibi reaches 1.75 million downloads in the first week

Quick bites. Big Stories.

Quibi is a star-packed, mobile-only streaming service with a 90-day free trial. It was founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former chairman of Walt Disney Studios, and Meg Whitman is the CEO of this company.

Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg

Quibi – Quick bites. Big Stories.

This online streaming service app gained thousands of users in the first week. It was launched on April 6 in the US and Canada and had been creating brouhaha since. It has a backing of many Hollywood studios and famous stars. This service was launched in the middle of the pandemic with people, busy on their phones and laptops, having many movies and shows to watch.

Critics have argued that Quibi cannot be downloaded on the laptop and is exclusively available only on a mobile.

the coronavirus’s effect on people’s viewing habits isn’t necessarily an advangtage or a disadvantage for quibi. its just different.

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Chrissy Teigen, Lebron James, Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Zac Effron, Idris Elba, Liam Hemsworth, and a bazillion others have been recruited by Quibi to work on its programming.

After the 90-day free trial period, users who want to use Quibi can pay $4.99 per month for the ad-supported version or $7.99 per month for no ads. The CEO of Quibi believes that it will soon be one of the top streaming networks in the world.

if our users are saying, ‘we really want to be able to watch this content on our big screen’, then we’ll develop the capability to do that.

meh Whitman

If Quibi makes it into the hustling world of entertainment, then its biggest competitor would be YouTube, the pioneer of online short videos that now draws more than 2 billion viewers every month. It’ll also be competing with services like Disney Plus, Apple Tv Plus, Peacock, HBO Max, and established players like Netflix.

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