World Car Awards 2020: Best cars in the world topped by Kia Telluride

The World Car Awards is the most prominent award in the automotive industry. Every year, the award show is organized in New York. Eighty plus jury members from all over the world participate in the panel to select the winners from different categories. The prestigious awards include World Car Of The Year, World Luxury Car, World Performance Car, World Urban Car, and the World Car Design Of The Year. In February 2020, the jury members announced the top 10 competitors for the World Car Of The Year award. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the award show could not be organized as usual. World Car Of The Year and other prizes were announced online.

World Car Of The Year

World Car Of The Year

2020 Kia Telluride emerged as the World Car Of The Year. Thomas Schemera, the executive vice president, was glad to win this award and agreed it was very competitive this year. The mid-sized SUV is the combination of all executive features and performance. And the jury did justice giving Kia Telluride the World Car Of the Year Award.

World Urban Car

World Urban Car
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The World Car Awards 2020 witnesses that electric vehicles can also top the chart. They can face powerful combustion engine vehicles. In 2020, Kia Soul EV bagged the World Urban Car Award. The beginning of all new decade started with boosting the confidence of the South Korean Manufacturers.

World Performance Car/World Luxury Car

World Performance car

The all-new Porsche Taycan was lucky enough to receive two significant awards. The World Luxury Car and the World Performance Car awards were honored to the Porche Taycan 2020. It is the sixth win for the Porsche since 2006. Porsche Taycan is the perfect example of portraying that an all-electric sports car can be better in performance than the combustion vehicles. It is simultaneously keeping the luxury factor up to the mark.

World Car Design Of The Year

World Car Design of the Year

The jury awarded the World Car Design Of The Year to Mazda 3 hatchback. The company was successful in modifying the 2017 Mazda 3 sedan to 2020 Mazda 3 compact SUV. The redesigning of the Mazda 3 over the years was able to give it a sharp and fantastic outline. The top 3 nominees for this award were Mazda 3, the Porsche Taycan, and the Peugeot 208. But the Mazda bagged this prosperous World Car Design award.

Source: Indiatoday, Gearpatrol

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