Triton Model H electric SUV announced with over 700 miles of range

Triton Solar announced its Model H eSUV with over 700 miles of range.

New Jersey based automakers, Triton Solar, revealed an eight-seater giant electric SUV last week. Triton Model H is an eSUV with unheard specifications. The company hasn’t compromised on any aspect of the vehicle. Triton Solar has completely turned tables for its competitors, announcing the Triton Model H SUV on its website and released some of the initial information.

Triton Model H is an eight-seater SUV built on an electric powertrain. The quad motor concept is used in the SUV, i.e., each wheel gets its own motor. The SUV comes with a range of more than 700 miles (approximately 1000km). It is built on an electric powertrain and comprises of a 200kWh powerful battery. For comparison, Tesla has used a maximum of 100kWh battery in Tesla Model S.

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Specifications of the all-new Triton Model H

The Triton Model H will be available in two models. The base model with a 150kWh battery pack will produce around 1000bhp, whereas the higher variant constitutes of 200kWh battery pack and is capable of producing a massive 1500bhp of power. No other specifications were revealed in the announcement. But the company announced that the Triton SUV is capable of accelerating 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds.

Looks of the new electric SUV

The Triton electric SUV is enormous, with a 130-inch wheelbase and 224 inches of full length. The exterior of the SUV is very stylish and looks very powerful. The broad nose and the fancy qual lamps add to the beauty of the all-new SUV. The company has still not shared complete information regarding the vehicle’s interiors. But looking at some of the pictures, we can say that it looks classy and luxurious.

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Price of Triton Model H SUV

Triton Solar has already started the pre-booking of the all-new Model H SUV. The price of the base version of the Triton SUV is $140,000, whereas the upper-performance variant is locked at $180,000. To pre-book the SUV, the customer needs to pay $5,000 at the start and rest payment need to be done within a week.

Source: AutoBlog, CNET

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