TATA JLR increased production of protective visors to fight COVID-19

Tata Jaguar Land Rover decided to contribute a part to fight COVID-19. The company decided to increase the production of protective visors at the Advanced Product Creation Centre at Gaydon, UK. The Tata JLR takes use of an upgraded 3D printing machine with an injection molding tool from WHS Plastics of Sutton Coldfield. The machine is capable of producing more than 14,000 protective visors in a week.

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Why such protective visors?

The masks are made of polypropylene and chemically resistant polycarbonate and are approved by the National Health Service in the UK. These visors will help the doctors and workers of NHS Trusts across the UK, including the Great the South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust and Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. All these protective visors are reusable, and one can easily dismantle and clean it before reusing.

Renowned companies like Pro2Pro in Telford, in collaboration with Tata JLR, aims to increase protective visor production. Many people are affected in the UK due to the spread of coronavirus. Hence these companies have come forward to help the workers and staff of such hospitals. All these protective visors are manufactured under the guidance of the NHS healthcare professionals for rapid prototyping.

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Tata to produce protective visors

Let us hear it from Ben Wilson

The Tata JLR also released the CAD design of the protective visors that they are currently manufacturing. Jaguar Land Rover Additive Manufacturing and Prototype Design Manager Ben Wilson reported that they believe by releasing the downloadable CAD files will motivate other such companies to come forward and initiate the manufacturing of such personal protective equipment. This small step can lead to the mass production of these high-quality protective visors to fight coronavirus.

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Source: Overdrive, Jaguar Land Rover

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