Link between COVID-19 mortality and Vitamin D found in a new study

A new study reveals that there is a correlation between Vitamin-D deficiency and mortality rates. Researchers from Northwestern University did a statistical analysis of clinical and hospital data from various countries. The analysis revealed that countries with lower vitamin patients had a higher rate of mortality when compared to others. This includes countries like Spain, Italy, and the UK. While we see that there is a connection between Vitamin-D and the mortality, further studies are needed to confirm it. Researchers also speculate that further confirming this relation can change the course of the therapeutics.

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The study: How the connection was found

The team initially wanted to check why there is a difference in mortality between different countries. While a lot of the theories have been put forth like healthcare quality, age, distribution, etc., the team wanted to remain skeptical and that’s when Vitamin D came into the picture. It is because the team saw completely no correlation between the theories and the mortality rates.

However, there was a correlation between Vitamin D and the cytokine storm which causes mortality in COVID-19 patients. This cytokine storm is dangerous as it is the main culprit affecting the lungs leading to respiratory failure and death. This is where the role of Vitamin D comes in, where enhanced levels of the vitamin prevent our system from becoming overactive, thus, helping in reducing the serious complications experienced by the patients. The team believes that the mortality rate can be cut into half with good levels of Vitamin D. Further studies might answer more questions circling around the correlation.

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The team also believes that this might solve the mystery of why children are less likely to die from the disease. Children do not have fully developed acquired immunity. The new finding suggests a need for the immune system to cause an overreaction, and when such a system is absent, there is no such possibility. That’s why their mortality rate is lower added to one of the researchers. While the team has just found the correlation, the team does not advise people taking a lot of Vitamin D supplements, as excess does have its own side effects. Further clarification is needed to know the mechanism behind with an addition to the therapeutic use of the supplements. This study might also help us spot the vulnerable population in the crowd, so we can help them at the earliest.

Source: MedicalExpress

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