Over 19,000 stolen artifacts seized in a track down

In the recent past, there has been a robbery in every rich land for something unique and priceless items it held power on. Over 19,000 items have been recovered from over 103 countries, which were announced by Europol. The theft had happened mostly at museums and the archeological sites and war-stricken countries themselves, as they hold more historical items from their past. The full search operation was build up by several police services joining together along with the Europol, Interpol, the World Customs Organisations. For now, 101 suspects have been arrested, and furthermore, 300 investigations are on a roll.

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A search in Colombia was carried out by the Spanish and Colombian police and got them a good catch. One of the rarest pre-Colombian objects where found. Among them were a mask made out of gold, and tones of other gold figurines and items of ancient jewelry were seized. This lead to an arrest of 3 traffickers, which gave a lead to a location of the house, which once turned out to be a jackpot. Two hundred forty-two pre-Colombian artifacts and other objects came under custody, breaking to the highest ever seized in the country’s history.

More interestingly, with a single online sale case, 2,500 historical coins came to hand, and later search gave a 1,375 more. The alters were passed on over to even the customs officers at the airport, which become headlines after seizing 971 cultural objects at Kabul Airport by Afghan Customs. Some objects were like ceramics of historic age historical weapons archeological findings and artworks.

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Catherine de Bolle, Europol’s Executive Director, gave in a statement “organized crime has many faces and trafficking of cultural goods is one of them.” She also stated that the theft was held by an international network of people who earned a large amount of money just to steal the objects. For risking themselves, these people would be getting a high price. At its been noted that the theft has taken place in heritage-rich countries which holds objects as a proof for the past. Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock also put in a statement that such acts have been opportunities for money laundering and fraud as well as financing organized crime networks.”

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Source: euronews

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