UN warns the rise of a mental health crisis during the pandemic

The pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting mankind by taking lives affecting economies of the country. While we focus on the mainstream effects of the pandemic, we should also see the indirect effects that the disease has upon us. One such indirect effect is a mental illness that is seeming rise in people, which the United Nations warns about. The latest UN reports on COVID-19 suggest that there is a steep rise in the mental health issues in people. These issues should be immediately considered by the government as a frontline issue to tackle. The reports highlight the various walks of people, including children, young people, elderly, and healthcare workers who are undergoing depression due to various reasons.

The Mental Health Crisis

Emerging studies around the globe show us that the pandemic is already affecting mental health. And people around the globe are in immediate need of psychological support to combat this. In addition, we also see that there is a rise in domestic violence reports in families due to lockdown. Also, health workers seem to need the most psychological support as they deal with thousands of patients dying due to COVID-19. Beneath the health sector, people are worried about getting infected, dying from the disease, and the fearing of losing their kit and kin. Moreover, people are also concerned with their livelihood as the pandemic taken away the economy. This definitely creates panic among the lower working class of the population as their wages are affected, which in turn affects their daily needs of food and shelter.

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The future of the pandemic also keeps giving anxious thoughts to people as it affects them on day to day basis. UN warns that this issue will need to be addressed immediately as it will cause more havoc than the pandemic itself. The hit will be serious in countries that have invested little in mental illness issues. It also suggests providing emergency mental health support to people to tackle the issue. This includes the tele-counseling of the health workers in the first place. Followed by psychological support to other walks of people who are on the verge of affected mental health issues. This will definitely help us fight the issue, which is by far bigger than the current COVID-19 situation.

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Source: Reuters

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