Passive immunization may slow down the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic is claiming lives on a day to day basis. As of now, we don’t currently see an end to this as we don’t have a vaccine to prevent this infection. Researchers are currently estimating that it will definitely take around 12-18 months to find a vaccine for the disease. But a new solution estimates that passive vaccination may slow down the spread of the disease in the population.

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The solution

Researchers from The Hashemite University, Jordan, have found that passive immunization (PI) is the method to approach the immediate threat of COVID-19. This comes after analyzing the effect of PI in previous pandemics. It is said that exposure to the pathogen creates antibodies against it, and when such plasma is given to affected patients, it can eventually save their lives. While it is said that this method cannot confer long term immunity, it may reduce the disease symptoms in people while reducing their mortality.

We should also see that passive immunization is not a novel technique; it is being used in ages that date back to the 12th-century Spanish flu. During that period, people who received the plasma had lower mortality rates than others. Moreover, PI was experimentally used in many if the recent viral outbreak like influenza, chikungunya, etc. and was able to prevent it. Therefore this can be a potential breakthrough in combatting the pandemic.

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One should also see that there was already proven to be effective by the study in China. It says that if the convalescent plasma is given, patients had shooter stay in hospitals with a reduction in mortality. Another study also indicates the introduction of plasma increases the discharge rate of patients. Similar studies also have proven to be effective with MERS if given before the onset of symptoms and in SARS as well. Currently, we have no vaccine and medication to treat the disease. Researchers believe that PI can possibly be the best alternative approach. With the number of cases still on the rise, we need to race again the time to find a solution with promising future studies on a large scale population of the pandemic. We can possibly believe that PI can become the approach of choice in the near future.

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Source: Sciendaily

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