Businesses move to online selling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Business coaches who consult other business owners on how to create online offers are a hot commodity these days. With the pandemic interrupting normal operations, many find themselves scrambling to convert their retail stores into e-commerce websites or to sell their services online. The options are countless, from digital courses and consulting packages to dropshipping products or selling in-house products over the web. Some of the challenges include understanding how to operate via the Internet, knowing how to tweak and divert regular supply chains, communicating information to existing customers, or learning how to market to gain new clients.

Facebook advertising costs are significantly lower

Due to cost-cutting measures from large advertisers during the pandemic, the supply for advertising space with Facebook’s family of products (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and What’s App) has significantly increased, meaning that ads are costing less to reach the same number of people. This has led many business owners to try Facebook advertising for the first time. What they are finding out is that sending prospects straight to buy something while they are scrolling social status updates is not necessarily the proper way to lure them into becoming paying customers. There’s a warming up process that must be followed initially, and it entails content marketing from the standpoint of being social first.

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Clean Slate Advertising is an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads. Before placing advertising for a business, they audit the company’s sales funnels first. A sales funnel is a digital pathway that a potential buyer takes from a social media post to a landing page on a website that leads to more valuable content before ever reaching a product page. This process is used to raise awareness about a brand, which gives customers the security they need to trust a seller.

Screenshot of a Facebook ad.
Screenshot of a Facebook ad.

Services can be sold online

Recently, I spoke with a well-known online business mentor, originally from Iceland but located in Switzerland, who helps female entrepreneurs build and scale profitable online businesses. Known by her first name, “Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship.” Her business is busier than ever, as COVID-19 has interrupted business as usual, forcing entrepreneurs to pay more attention to their digital assets by creating and selling offers via their websites. Listen to this interview where Sigrun explains the types of businesses she supports.

Sally Hendrick interviews Sigrun on the Shout Your Cause podcast.

Existing eCommerce businesses are holding up well

While speaking with Veronica Jeans, a Shopify expert, I learned that established eCommerce businesses that were already selling products online before the pandemic are still doing well with little interruption to their cash flow. With brick-and-mortar store closures all over the world, many businesses are looking to expand retail selling into eCommerce platforms. Veronica knows the process well, which is why she consults with clients on how to set up their websites and how to optimize product pages for the best results.

Sally Hendrick interviews Veronica Jeans on the Shout Your Cause podcast.
Sally Hendrick interviews Veronica Jeans on the Shout Your Cause podcast.

The future of online business after COVID-19

The general consensus among business coaches and consultants is that a boom in eCommerce is coming. With Amazon pushing Jeff’s Bezos’ to trillionaire status, the rest of the world must catch up. The opportunities with online selling are limitless, as the software has never been easier to use, and advertising has never been more accessible to business owners.

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