Newly developed world’s best quantum bit – A big leap in quantum computing

Today’s quantum computers are Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) computers. They fall under the NISQ description as they don’t have full-blown error correction. The errors are both in preparation and the measurement of the qubits. For 100 qubits, a 1% measurement error will result in an incorrect answer 63% of the time.

A team of researchers from UCLA Physics and Astronomy has recently set a new record in preparing and measuring the qubits, inside a quantum computer, without error. Their new qubit hosted in a laser-cooled, radioactive barium ion achieves a preparation and measurement error rate of approximately 0.03%, much lower than any quantum technology we have today. 

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The research is published in the peer-reviewed, online open-access journal, npj Quantum Information, published by Nature. The research is authored by senior author Eric Hudson, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA and co-senior author Wesley Campbell. It is also co-authored by lead author Justin Christensen, a postdoctoral scholar in Hudson’s laboratory, and David Hucul, a physicist at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and a former postdoctoral scholar in Hudson and Campbell’s laboratories. 

The development of this exciting new qubit at UCLA should impact almost every area of quantum information science, according to Eric Hudson. The research is a significant step toward the more powerful quantum technologies of the future. It paves the way for large-scale NISQ devices. And this new radioactive ion has been recognized as a promising system in quantum networking, sensing timing, simulation and, computation. 

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