Wednesday, August 5, 2020

OnePlus will disable ‘X-ray’ camera feature in a future phone update

In an upcoming update for the OnePlus phones, the company will remove a controversial X-ray feature that was introduced. The OnePlus 8 Pro phone in an upcoming pushed out update will be temporarily disabling the camera filter that can see through plastic and clothing in their Chinese OS. Although they are disabling it in the Chinese OS (HydrogenOS), they decided to keep it in the global OS (OxygenOS).

OnePlus has stressed that Photochrome, the filter that can see through materials, can’t see through thick materials. They also apologized for creating privacy issues for their user base and netizens. The company announced this move in a statement on its Weibo page. On an English forum, they stated that “We think this camera gives users the ability to get more creative with smartphone photography, we also understand the concerns that have been raised.”

Image: AndroidInfotech

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OnePlus 8 Pro was released in April, but it wasn’t till last week that people began to pay attention to the camera’s capabilities. On Twitter, Ben Geskin demoed the filter seeing through an Apple TV box, and Unbox Therapy showed it seeing through a thin black t-shirt. The filter seems to utilize infrared light, a light that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This light usually is used by firefighters that enable them to see through smoke to see trapped people.

The update to temporarily disable the filter in HydrogenOS will be pushed out next week.

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