Parkinson’s, diabetes, and other disease research affected by COVID-19

Researchers and other organizations were looking for many possible ways to combat various diseases at the beginning of the year, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to everything. Officials say there has been a lowering of donations and fundraisers. Moreover, the pandemic also caused the closure of some labs. This is all because the primary importance is to find drugs and vaccines that help us control the COVID-19. This impact has taken away the money and attention from researches on other diseases and illnesses. Researchers speculate this may take a long while to come back. Till then, the findings of other research is still questionable.

The impact of disease research

We see that the pandemic has a devastating effect on research organizations too. Before the pandemic, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Center had more than 45 investigations under its belt, related to breakthroughs in treatment choices. An example was the research regarding insulin pumps preventing Type 1 Diabetes in clinical trials. However, the pandemic hit, and all of this has come to a halt. The organization estimates that 45 percent of the funded research has been slowed down due to the pandemic. We should see that JRDF is not the only organization to get hit by the pandemic.

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Organizations like leukemia and the lymphoma society, which had new therapies that could treat blood cancer were also affected. It was also a banner fundraising year for the company, but unfortunately, everything went down. A similar hit was also noticed at Micheal J. Fox foundation after raising $100M last year on Parkinson’s disease research.

The impact on researchers

Researchers around the world have lost their projects and funding. This can have a devastating effect on them as months worth of research has stopped all of a sudden. Most researchers are forced to move on to other projects that have funding. Moreover, just because the research has halted doesn’t mean that disease is on a halt. These diseases are also affecting people simultaneously and putting them in critical situations. However, researchers are still sticking to their projects and trying to raise maximum funds to continue their work. People’s donations stand as a strong chance of hope until everything calms down. Once COVID-19 begins to decline, researchers get their hands back into their projects and will help fight off other diseases.

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Source: Healthline

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