COVID-19 and PMIS in children, watch for these symptoms

Parents around the globe are concerned as an articular disorder related to the pandemic of COVID-19 is on the rise in children. Reported a few weeks ago, experts warn that parents should look after their children for the symptoms of Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS). Although observed rarely in children, the disorder affected 145 children in cases with COVID-19. Therefore, researchers are trying to find out the possible connections with the disease so that we can prevent it.

Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

The disorder has known to affect various organs of the body with the vessels. However, we see that the symptoms of PMIS are similar to that of Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome. Most commonly seen symptoms include a fever lasting more than five days, bloodshot eyes, skin rash, changes in skin color, difficulty in breathing, etc. But experts say that symptoms like swelling and redness in arms and feet, redness or cracking in the lips and tongue, and swollen lymph nodes should definitely send red flags to parents.

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Fortunately, we see that the PMIS is not contagious in children and sets in as post-infectious syndrome. Therefore, the disorder sets in children when the COVID-19 has likely passed. Experts say that the association between both depends on the timing and the geographical location. This is because most children with PMIS live in areas hard hit by the pandemic. However, researchers are trying to dig deep into this association.

The coming days

As the initial reports came in, we saw that the COVID-19 pandemic had a lesser effect on children. Researchers are still trying to figure out this mystery why children are going unaffected when compared to adults. While kids make up just 1.7 percent of the total cases in the United States, most of them are either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. But reports from UK and Italy suggest that a cluster of children experience PMIS due to COVID-19.

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Doctors diagnose the disorder with clinical examination and laboratory diagnosis. Physicians say that the disorder is often treatable, unlike the COVID-19. Children after treatment have a greater chance of recovery and suffer no long term effects. On the other hand, if children go untreated, there is a possibility that might have long term effects. Therefore, it is essential to consult the physician at the earliest. Physicians are working to figure out disorder and say parents need not panic about this. They advise parents can rush their children to ER if symptoms worsen. Further studies will give us more detail on the association, which will enable us to find easy to understand both the pandemic and PMIS.

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Source: Healthline

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