[1-20] 20 Facts about Avatar: The Last Airbender you might not know

Everybody loves Team Avatar, and can’t wait for the Netflix live-action remake that’s under production! As people re-watch the animated series on Netflix, let’s look at some Avatar: The Last Airbender facts you probably didn’t know! (Source: ChannelFrederator)

1. Co-creator Michael DiMartino left Family Guy to work on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

He definitely made the right choice! Now, Michael DiMartino and Brian Konietzko are working with Netflix for the live-action remake!

2. The four Chinese characters shown in the title screen have special meanings.

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They translate to “The divine medium who had descended upon the mortal world.” It is basically a rough translation to what an avatar is.

3. In some ATLA comics, Katara’s name is misspelled as Takara.

4. The duo of voice actors of Katara and Zuko had also been part of the show American Dragon: Jake Long.

Image: Disney Plus Informer

Katara’s voice actress played Rose, who happens to be Jake’s love interest. Zuko’s voice actress gave voice to Jake’s character. Surprisingly both are on the opposing sides on that show as well.

5. The episode “The Southern Air Temple” was originally going to be titled “Aang Goes Home.”

6. “The Southern Air Temple” is the only episode without a white background for its title screen.

Instead of a regular white background, this episode had a sunrise.

Image: Tumblr

7. Sokka’s name comes from a Japanese phrase.

The phrase “Sou Ka” means something between the lines of “I see” or “is that so” it ties to Sokka’s intellectual capabilities and his use of logic and understanding.

8. Sokka is ambidextrous.

Image: CBR
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Sokka is seen using both his hands to write, attack, and draw, even switching them mid-activity at times.

9. There were no plans for the “Cabbage Man” to be a reoccurring character.

The writers found him to be hilarious, and he was a hit with the fans, so it became a running gag.

10. Zuko was initially not gonna be part of Team Avatar.

Image: Reddit

It’s hard to imagine Team Avatar without Zuko, but it was a possibility. He was one of the last characters to be added to the show. The Firelord himself was going to be the focal antagonist, but the writers soon realized that they couldn’t do much with him from his throne. So, they added Zuko.

11. A melody plays during the opening shot of each episode when the episode’s number and title are displayed.

This tune is unique for each episode and is usually pulled from something significant to the episode.

12. Airbending is based on Chinese martial art, Baguazhang.

13. Waterbending is based on Chinese martial art, Tai Chi.

Image: CBR

14. Earthbending is based on the Hung Gar style of Kung Fu.

15. Firebending is based on Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Image: Reddit

16. Toph’s Earthbending is different from other earth benders.

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As she was taught by badger moles, she has her own style based on the Praying Mantis Style of Kung Fu.

17. Iroh isn’t just Zuko’s uncle. He’s also his mentor.

Image: CBR

18. In the early stages of development, the show was gonna take place thousands of years in the future.

19. Most of the animals in the show are hybrid creatures.

Image: Comic Book

Appa is half bison and half manatee. Momo is a half bat,half lemur.

20. Mako, Uncle Iroh’s original voice actor, sadly passed away before completing his recordings.

He passed away before finishing his last seven episodes of season 2. Staff had to rush and recast the part, which eventually halted the production of season 3.

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