Sunday, July 5, 2020

Scientists have found the oldest grain of cultivated rice in central Asia

Rice plays a major role in meals for the East and South Asian people, and is one among the major crops cultivated by them, but their earliest date of use of growth is unfound. Rice is basically divided into two types: japonica and indica. A group of archeologists from China, Germany, and Uzbekistan, discovered two grains of rice, which was found in good condition at Khalchayan, which is at Surkhan Darya that is situated in the southeastern part of Uzbekistan.

Image: Sci-News

Dr. Guanhan Chen along with his group of scientists researched along with the place and found other grains such as wheat, two-row barley, peas, flax, lentils, grapes, and a few such more crops among which the rice grain dated older than the rest. It has been approximated to be nearly 1,750 years old, which has been a very significant find and list as the oldest rice grain found so far in central Asia. Through the study, it appears similar to the japonica type rice, that is their morphological match. Therefore, they came to a conclusion as it could have been dispersed in southwest China to the Indus River Basin and reached its destination through the southern Himalayan route. It is because there has been no way rice could have reached from any other parts of Central Asia or West Asia from East Asia thousands of years ago.

Through such a globalization process and exchange of cultivates, it forms a firm and strong base for the development in the field.

Source: Sci-news

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