Friday, August 14, 2020

YouTube introduces Video Chapters for easier navigation in long videos

YouTube is introducing “Video Chapters” to help navigate through videos easier on their platform. YouTube was spotted testing this feature all the way back in April, but today this feature has gone live for all users. This feature will automatically be enabled on all users’ accounts. The video creators themselves will provide these timestamps. Timestamp one will be labeled at the beginning of the video, followed by a space, and then the title will be next. The next section will be used to mark when the next chapter starts. An example of this would be when the real content begins, right after the introduction.

You will need a minimum of three timestamps at 10 seconds or more for this feature to be used. YouTube has created a couple of ways that a user would realize they’re are moving onto a new chapter. In devices that support haptic feedback (i.e., Phones and Tablets), you will feel a slight vibration when you move into a new chapter.

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For items that don’t support haptic feedback, YouTube has developed a snapping feature. This enables the user to land on the spot near the beginning of a new chapter and will have to hold the scroll if they want to go past the beginning of the chapter. YouTube has claimed that this feature has gained a lot of positive feedback from its users. The creator must provide timestamps for this feature, so if they haven’t provided any, you won’t see this feature in the video. There are some videos out there though that utilize it.

This feature will position YouTube to be a better resource for long-form (movies and documentaries) because it makes the navigation of videos less of a hassle. It can also create a bit more engagement because it can create less frustration for video navigation for users. There is a downside to this, though as well. With this feature enabling easier scrolling, users could watch videos less as they can just find the part they want and watch it and to anything else.

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