Sunday, July 5, 2020

COVID-19 causes surge in the need for blood and blood products

As the pandemic continues to spread across the globe, we see, several operations are resuming around the globe. This also implies that surgeries and other medical procedures which were postponed due to the COVID-19 are going to resume. Reportedly, this has led to a surge in need for medical supplies like blood and blood products, says the American Red cross. This started all the way in April, but currently, the need has risen to more than 30 percent.

Blood donors are making up to it as they ensure that communities do no run short of blood and blood products. We should also see that blood is not like any other product that can be stored. So, it is essential to replenish it now, and then it is necessary to save a lot of lives in need. Currently, the American Red Cross needs 13,000 blood and 2,600 platelet donations to US hospitals. Therefore, the American Red Cross is seeking donors to ensure the necessary blood product flow.

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The need for blood

While there is a rise in blood and blood products, we should know why are these blood products are actually needed. It is used in a wide range of medical conditions, including trauma, accidents, surgeries, help cancer patients, and even helps for research purposes. With this wide range of uses, more blood is essentially a vital product for the health industry in order to save lives. By volunteering in this peek of crisis which the world is facing, each one’s contribution will definitely make a change on a global scale. To donate, you can either make an appointment on the American Red Cross website or the donor app. You can also call 800-RED-CROSS.

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Source: USNews

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