Friday, August 14, 2020

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Amazon Music united in support of Blackout Tuesday

The death of George Floyd resulted in chaos, followed by thousands of people in the states protesting for the rights of the native Americans. The music industry showed its concern by uniting in support of blackout Tuesday.

What actually happened?

George Floyd, an African American, died after being arrested by the NYPD outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A fake report was made on the evening of May 25 when Floyd bought a pack of cigarettes from a grocery store. Once handcuffed, the police walked him to the car door when Floyd stated that he felt claustrophobic. Derek Chauvin, a police officer, arrived at the scene and got involved in a further attempt to put Floyd in the car. After a few minutes, Floyd fell off from the passenger’s seat and that’s when people started filming Chauvin who had Floyd’s neck pinned down to the ground. Within a few seconds, George Floyd died.

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Support from the music industry

As the death of Floyd has led to universal outcry and demonstrations in the US cities, major streaming industries have pledged support for blackout Tuesday. Spotify has decided to add an 8 minute 45 second moment of silence to podcasts and select playlists on the platform. The interesting part is that the moment of silence is equal to the amount of time Derek Chauvin pinned Floyd down by the neck with his knee, resulting in Floyd’s death.

Apple Music has completely changed the look of the support strategy. It is mainly promoting music by black artists. The regular recommendation and search tabs are showing a single playlist ‘for us, by us’ and some users are also experiencing a full-page takeover featuring a message of support for the protest movement.

YouTube also posted a tweet of support from its official account.

Amazon Music also posted a tweet stating that they’ll be stopping all social media for the day.

June 2nd is Black Out Tuesday, a day of collective disconnect from work meant to help people reflect and come together in support of the Black community. 


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During times like these, all people hope for is peace. Even in these dire circumstances where the pandemic has killed over a million people in the states, people are protesting for their rights. It is the 21st century and the problem of police violence and racism sees no end.

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