Sunday, July 5, 2020

A stadium-sized asteroid to fly by Earth safely

As 2020 continues, many unfortunate things are happening, but there is a piece of good news to look, that a giant asteroid which was likely to hit the earth on June 5, will cross the earth safely.

The large-sized asteroid, named 2002 NN4, is coming towards Earth way too closely. It will be flying at the equivalent distance between the earth and the moon 13.25 times, which is likely to be 3.2 million miles from our planet. It will be more closer to the earth at 11:52 PM (0320 GMT June 6).

The asteroid is known for its size; it has a diameter of about 820 feet to 1,870 feet. It’s more than 13 times that of the object slammed into the atmosphere above Russia in 2013; it had a diameter of about 66 feet.

2002 NN4 was discovered by the Mount Lemmon Survey in Arizona, a project funded by NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observation Program (NEO).

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