Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Britney Spears: Interesting facts about the singer you didn’t know

1. She started out as a dancer and a gymnast.

Image: Business Insider

In 1999, she said in an interview that she took dancing classes and wanted to be a dancer or gymnast.

2. She flirted with royalty and almost became a princess.

Image: The Royal Family

In an interview, 20-year-old Spears admitted to exchanging flirty emails with Prince William, although the two never went on their proposed date.

3. She holds many world records.

Spears holds multiple Guinness World Records, including Best Selling Teenage Artist.

4. She endorsed many products.

Spears has signed promotional deals with many products over the years, including Pepsi, Skechers, Candies, and Elizabeth Arden.

5. Out of all the products she endorsed, perfumes are very special for her.


A Revlon rep told InStyle magazine that with 24 fragrances in 15 years, her concoctions had made more than $1 billion in sales.

6. In 2012, she became the highest-paid reality TV judge of all time.

Image: Bustle

Joining the first U.S. season of “The X Factor” in 2012, she got paid an enormous amount of 15 million dollars, which was highest at that time, and was unbroken until in 2018 when Katty Perry was paid 25 million dollars for ABC’s “American Idol” reboot.

7. She hates her early TV days.

She said that “I would never do something like that again; actually, that was really bad. That was probably the worst thing I’ve done in my career.”

8. Louis Vuitton sued her.

Image: Getty Images

Spears’ 2005 music video for “Do Somethin” shows the pop star upholstering the interior of her Hummer with counterfeit Louis Vuitton fabric. The company sued her for that.

9. She shut down an election.

In April 2017, The Israeli Labor Party rescheduled a primary election to avoid conflicting with Spear’s sold-out Tel Aviv stop of the Britney: Live in a Concert tour.

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