Wednesday, July 8, 2020

13,500-year-old bird statue found in China, an exciting discovery!

A recent scientific study led by researchers from Shandong University in eastern China and specialists from universities in France and Norway discovered a stone bird statue announced in Lingwei District, Henan Province, central China. The statue is 13,500 years old, making researchers look forward to this discovery, considering that it works to bridge the gap and loop loss in understanding prehistoric art.

The statue is considered one of the oldest three-dimensional statues that have appeared so far in East Asian countries, as it pre-dates the first discoveries found in that region by about 8,500 years.

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The statue is well preserved and carved from the bones of a burning animal with stone tools. It depicts a bird on a base, indicating a deliberate sign that will have eyes and a creature body. The bird’s tail looks large and believed to create this way in order to prevent the statue from bending forward when placed on the roof.

This statue differs technically and elegantly from other models found in Western Europe and Siberia, and may be a missing link tracing the origin of Chinese statues to the Stone Age.

Using radioactive carbon to determine the age of the statue, scientists also used a sectional X-ray to detect the etching techniques used by the Stone Age sculptor. They found evidence of using stone tools to make statues.

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