Wednesday, July 8, 2020

South Asian people are most likely to die due to COVID-19, new study says

A new study from the UK has shown that South Asian people are most likely to die due the pandemic. This significant study comes to light after data from 4 out of major ten hospitals from the UK with COVID-19. The total contribution for the data came in across from universities, public health bodies, and 260 hospitals. Therefore, the data stands as prime importance and may change the vaccination policies in the coming days. Currently, the results are pre-print versions, but they have already been passed to the government’s scientific advisory committee.

The study

The study included around 35,000 people from in and around England, Wales, and Scotland. At the end of the study, experts found out that Asians are 20 percent more likely to die from the disease than their white counterparts. For comparison, we see that only 290 people die from the disease in the white population, whereas 350 people die in the Asian population in a group of 1000 people.

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Experts say that the Asian population is comparatively younger than their white counterparts, but with a very high level of diabetes. As high as 40 percent of Asians have diabetes whereas only 25 percent of the white population have it. Experts speculate this may be the main reason for the increased deaths. As we already know, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure increase the risk of COVID-19 death by allowing more damage to organs.

While the full story yet to be explored, other reasons like poverty and genetic differences are also said to play a role. Experts also say that ethnicity will also be considered along with other factors like age, gender, etc. This will also create policies for Asian frontline workers who might be a higher risk of contracting the disease. Although earlier works showcased Bangladeshi people dying at a higher rate than other ethnicities, it did not account for other factors. Also, this study did not showcase the difference in the morality of the black population, which accounted for the majority of deaths in the United States.

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Source: BBC

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