Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Trump delayed sanctions on Chinese officials involved in detention camps in order to protect trade deal

President Donald Trump announced that he resisted from imposing sanctions and punishing Chinese officials. He spoke in regard to the officials who had collaborated in mass detention camps. He did this under the fear of peril to the China trade deal. During an interview with Axios, he clearly stated the reason behind him not striking a counter-attack on the Chinese Communist Party Officials or on companies regarding the Beijing’s internment camps that operate on detaining Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities was only to not disturb negotiations.

Reason Made Clear

He stated that the countries were in the middle of a crucial trade deal that concerned purchases worth two-fifty billion dollars. He continued, “And when you’re in the middle of a negotiation and then all of a sudden you start throwing additional sanctions on — we’ve done a lot.” He, however, reminded that tariffs had been imposed in China, which actually was way more dreadful than any sanction ideas that could be dreamt of.

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The Actual Deal

Mr. Trump comes out to be a contradictory and biased person by his actions. He has clearly announced that he shall impose sanctions on countries like Iran, Venezuela, etc. However, he deliberately disregards and ignores the action of countries like Saudi Arabia, which is an ally or even in the case of china. Instead, he hopes to strike a trade deal with the same. This trait became very clear when after making a deal with North Korea, he dropped all allegations and criticism towards the country.

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US officials also seem to be confusing the media. Last week, Trump’s preceding national security adviser claimed that Trump had asked the Chinese president Xi Jin Ping to continue building concentration camps to catch hold of the Uighurs. Opposite to the statement, on the same date, Trump signed a bill that aimed at punishing China for violating the human rights of the Uighur Muslim population. Chinese officials, however, flared at the United States last week for interfering in their internal affairs when Trump signed the legislation. They also angrily defied the foreign condemnation of their treatment towards the Uighurs.

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