Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Newborn Mexican triplets test positive for COVID-19

Mexico is currently one of the active countries in reporting a high number of COVID-19 cases. The cases raised to nearly 185,122, and the death toll increased to 22,584. Recently, newborn triplets have tested positive for SARS-CoV2, which claimed to be the first case of COVID-19 infection in multiple births in the world.

Monica Rangel, the health secretary of the northern state of San Luis Potosi, has given the details of this peculiar case. She said that the newborn triplets were tested positive after being born to a mother who had contracted the infection but remained asymptomatic. One of the triplets, a boy, is undergoing respiratory treatment in San Luis Potosi state, Mexico. His brother and sister are in a stable condition without exhibiting any symptoms.

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Scientists are now finding the most probable route by which the newborns are infected. We know that it is not the first time where newborns have tested positive for the virus. There has been a report from Yale School of Medicine saying that the COVID-19 can be transmitted to newborns through the placental route, although it is very rare. R

angel added that they were studying the case to find whether the triplets got infected before or after birth. Most of the cases acquired by the newborn are post-natal. But she said that it would be improbable when the baby got the infection very quickly outside the womb. Hence, this case might also add on to the rarest way of infecting the newborn by crossing the mother’s placenta.

There have been many uncleared questions in every mind of the people till now. Future research would definitely help to rid off the doubts and to provide an efficient way of controlling the effect of the pandemic.

Source: CBS News

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