Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Children to likely suffer from PTSD after COVID-19

The pandemic is already causing enough damage to our bodies and economies on its path. While we saw young children suffer from the disease due to inflammatory syndrome, recent studies show there is much more to it. We take the fact that children have the ability to move on with everything as they do not understand the essence of life due to their wavering mind. But reports suggest this pandemic takes a toll on their mental health apart from their body.

Experts say that recently children are getting vivid nightmares about the disease, which says it a clear sign of PTSD. With growing reports on television and the internet, the children getting exposed to it. These facts are said to affect their mental fraud as they internalize these things. While poor families are already suffering due to the pandemic, we see that children from that background suffer even more due to stress for basic life needs. We should see that the disease is causing an economic crisis, and this crisis has made the poorer families offer more. With the need for food, shelter, along with lack of health care due and domestic abuse and violence make these days of the pandemic a living hell for these children.

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Children can show various symptoms due to the stress and can be a mixture of worry, confusion with a frightening event. One of the experts said children under the age of 10 can experience intrusive thoughts, show anxious behaviors, irritability signs, and may even experience stomach aches. Experts also add this may resolve with few weeks, but if prolonged, they definitely need the help of an expert.

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Source: New York Post

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