Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Disneyland remains closed as the re-opening is postponed

CALIFORNIA: As scheduled earlier, Disneyland might not reopen on July 17th as officials are yet to provide clear guidance on the reopening of the adventure land. In a statement, Disney announced, “The state of California has now announced that it will not issue any theme park reopening guidelines until sometime after July 4th.”

The company said that they would be able to announce the particular reopen date only after they get an official confirmation from the authorities clearly stating the guidelines. Initially, Disney planned to open its theme park in Florida, but the move is yet to be approved by the officials.

To help contain the virus spread, public gatherings are not permitted. All public places where the substantial public crowds might occur and where social distancing is least followed are not allowed to reopen. This includes playgrounds, parades, festival celebrations, etc.

A union that represents 17,000+ employees of the California Disneyland has written a letter to the governor saying that it is unsafe at this point in time to reopen the adventure land and 40,000+ people have signed a petition calling the company’s plan of reopening “irresponsible and greedy.”

Florida has seen a steep spike in the COVID-19 cases in recent days, and to contain the virus and save lives, officials have to act harshly on avoiding public gatherings.

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Source: CBS News

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