COVID-19 can cause brain complications too, physicians say

While the pandemic has been disturbing our lives for the past few months or hasn’t stopped from affecting people. With the number of days growing, we are also learning shocking facts about the disease potential. One such shocking fact that the pandemic is now capable of attacking our brains as well apart from other organs. Stroke, psychosis, and other brain-related symptoms are linked to the disease, raising bars of concern in the health community. The study is based on the observations of physicians, and therefore a clear picture will be provided by further studies, experts say.

The study

The study was published in The Lancet and was conducted during the peak period of case multiplication in the country. The total number of patients in the study was 125, with the most common compliant ion being the stroke on 77 patients. Of these, 57 of them had a stroke due to a blood clot in their brains, one due to inflammation of blood vessels in the brain and nine due to hemorrhage. We already know that COVID-19 is causing blood clots in the lungs that can travel to various organs of the body.

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Going further, it is also seen that 39 patients showed altered changes in their psychological behavior due to the inflammation of the entire brain termed as encephalitis. The rest 23 also had similar symptoms like psychosis, dementia-like state, and other disorders. As of now, we see these symptoms are new, and we need further studies to get more clarity as to whether it’s a coexisting condition with the disease or the disease flares up the condition that was subtle or the disease cause this condition.

Moreover, this also tells us that the pandemic is not just a respiratory disorder, and it has more to do with our bodies. With already the disease taking an indirect impact on our mental health, causing anxiety and depression. These experts say a small number of people can experience psychosis on initial hospital administration. Time will answer us more questions as this is just an initial report, and people need not panic about this until further studies are made.

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Source: The Guardian

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