Friday, July 3, 2020

Google Meet to get new features to match competitor Zoom

The new Google Meet is all set to be upgraded with a ton of new features, for education and enterprise buyers, 9to5Google reports. The highlight among these is custom and blurred backgrounds, the ability to raise hands, and the moderation powers given to the tutor or the host.

Following the tracks of other group calling software like Zoom and Skype, Google Meet now lets you blur your entire background or even replace it with the defaults or images that you upload yourself, but the administrator of the call can disable this function. Google now has a 16 people panel, and it plans to expand this to a 49 people panel as well. You can also now raise your hand with a new button if you have a question. There is also a meeting attendance option now that lets you see how many people attended the meeting and who did not!

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There are now breakout rooms in Google meet that lets you break the meeting into smaller groups for more specific discussions, which you can later join back into the main meeting to discuss the overall scenario. You can also have a Question and Answer option in your meeting now. As well as polling option to decide on something. Google has also given moderators powers to prevent intruders from joining the call, via various ways, including blocking anonymous people, rejecting a person’s knock if he has been ejected.

The dates for when these features will launch is yet to be decided.

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